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Angkor Legacy Academy - Lolei, Cambodia

If you haven’t done your good deed for the day, please keep reading.

A few months ago, I arrived in a small Cambodian village for a week of volunteering at an English school. I left with lots of gratitude and respect for the Angkor Legacy Academy founder, Sovannarith Sok, and his beautiful family. I stayed in his home for eight days with a few other international volunteers, helping teach English during the days, working on building projects on the weekend, and learning about Cambodian culture at night.

The point here is that Sovannarith has dedicated his life to helping the kids in his village and I would like to support his cause. As a former volunteer who has seen his efforts firsthand,  I will be sending small monthly donations when I can, for as long as I can.

Please consider visiting the donations webpage – – for Angkor Legacy Academy to learn more and to support a great cause.

Through the ALA program Sovannarith provides the extra education the kids need in order to have more opportunities in life and hopefully break out of poverty. He spends seven days a week working on multiple projects connected to the program: teaching, fundraising, construction, and hosting volunteers in his home.

His school is free for all students and the program includes monthly food distribution for the village. The food program is important because if he didn’t deliver food to the families, then the children wouldn’t come to school because the parents would need them to help provide for the family starting at a very young age.

This important effort relies on donations to operate.

You can be sure that even just a few dollars will help.


Septic Tanks - Cambodia
Sovannarith inspects the work as the septic tanks are put into place.


After installing the septic tanks, the next project was laying tile in front of the schoolhouse.