My Story

I'm a California native but a product of many places. While California has been home for most I've my life, I also spent four years in New York City while studying print journalism at NYU.  After graduation I spent four years living in outdoors nirvana: Vail, Colorado and Kauai, Hawaii. Most of life has been set in my hometown of Santa Barbara, California. I recently moved to Los Angeles and currently reside in Venice Beach.

June, 2016 — Santa Barbara, California
June, 2016 — Santa Barbara, California

My Media Philosophy

Whether it’s to inspire, inform, influence or entertain, all great content is created with a purpose.

It’s often times taken for granted just how important media is in our daily lives. It’s what we use to communicate our most important ideas to others. Without it, humans would not be capable of achieving the incredible things that make us who we are. Yes, it’s that important.

Preaching aside, modern-day media is as complicated as ever. It’s also more exciting and expansive than at any point in human history.

John Chandler Media highlights the multi-media work by John Dvorak. Here you will find various online publishing platforms, photography work, media commentary, social media activity, and more.

While much of my energy is directed towards self publishing, I offer a variety of web-based communications services for hire.

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John Chandler Media is responsible for a handful of web properties.


Daily Sports News

Local sports publication for Santa Barbara's athletic community


Summer Sports Festival

News & Information for Semana Nautica's sporting events


Weekly Ocean Swimming Series

Event announcements, results posting, contact form, registrations


Personal Travel Blog

After traveling to Asia, I decided to create a website to remember it by.


Fantasy Sports Draft Prep

Turning one of my hobbies into $$$. Learn how to win your fantasy league



My View of Los Angeles 

Taking a look at my new home Los Angeles. A work in progress.